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Wow, who woulda expected such deep thoughts from Functional Ambivalent whilst he surely munches unabashedly on Harry & David pears?

I like your approach to regular reappraisal but I wonder about this sports car, wine & billowy dress vision of yours. I too have had lives of no money and money and agree that money is much, much better but hopefully we remember that the vision represents a different life and not the items themselves nor a perceived happiness that those items are to bring. Does that make sense?

Let me know if this is gonna turn into the blog equivalent of the Oxygen Channel or whatever, dude.

Is lunch going to be a group therapy session for middle-aged men who have not lived up to their own perception of their potential? Do I get to share first?

There you have it in a nutshell.

Show a woman a hot woman, a flashy sports car and a bottle of wine and she sees . . . the symboic representation of a different life.

Show a man a hot woman, a flashy sports car and a glass of wine and he sees . . . a hot woman, a flashy sports car and a bottle of wine.

Now I remember why I only shag with women who can't speak English.

Hahahaa! Conrad, you are missed.

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