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Most pointless thing in the world.....I mean other than a Bush presidency......Saudi Arabian cross dresser!

Well call me disappointed. You're really off of your game as of late. Here you are given a quality opportunity to link to some swimsuit babes and you go and link to an old woman in pants. Granted it was Lauren Bacall, but still, we've come to expect less of you. I guess it's up to me to take care of things over at my place.

"Islamist"? This is a term created by Westerners, for Westerners. It's used to draw an artificial distinction between "bad" Moslems and "good" ones. "Bad" Moslems, the "Islamists," believe in the subjugation of women, long for world-wide sharia, and butcher infidels for being, well, infidels (i.e., non-Moslems). On the other hand, "good" Moslems, the ones whose religion has been "hijacked" by "Islamists," believe in the subjugation of women, long for world-wide sharia, and approve of the butchering of infidels.

A division between Islam and "Islamism" is not a concept Moslems themselves endorse, to wit:

"If Islam is a way of life, how can we say that those who want to live by its principles in legal, social, political, economic, and political spheres of life are not Muslims, but Islamists and believe in Islamism, not Islam?"

from http://www.aljazeerah.info/Opinion%20editorials/

For a nice, short, sweet refutation, see

For further critique of "Islamist/Islamism," see http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=16798

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