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Well said.

Actually, it's Cindy Sheehan, not Patty. But you're entirely correct in what you say.

I'm amazed how people so sceptical of the US government can, at the same time, be so accepting of anything published by journalists relying on anonymous sources.

One the one hand:

The Jordanian tried and sentenced Zubaydah to death, finding that he played a leading role the millenium hotel bombings. Indeed, Jordanian intelligence intercepted a telephone call from Zubaydah giving the order to initiate the attacks.

The 9/11 Commission found that Zubaydah was, amnong other things, responsible for ordering the Jordanian attacks, ran the Khaldan camp, a major al Qaeda training center,

Dick Clark, counterterrorism chief and Democrat poster boy, identified Zubaydah as al Qaeda's third ranking member.

Al Qaeda apparently thought Zubayadah important enough to sneak out of Afghanistan and ensconse in a safe house in Pakistan

Captured al Qaeda members have assserted that Abu Zubaydah was in charge of recruiting for al Qaeda.

On the other hand we have:

A book by a journalist, relying on anonymous sources, one of whom (and perhaps the only one) was obviously discredited former CIA Director George Tenant, who has his own axe to grind.

Maybe Suskind is right, but by any reasonable standard one can imagine, the evidence of Zubaydah's importance far outweighs the anonymous hearsay that he wasn't.

A Personal Letter

How can an entire world allow a ruler to govern when that ruler is, and has been proven time and again to be, a liar? Surely if a lie is told that leads to the deaths of innocent civilians and solders, that lie must taken responsibility for, it is murder isn’t it? Bush is responsible and yet nobody is willing to enforce the law that would impeach this killer.

The President of the United States is, among his other crimes, guilty of multiple murders all around the world, yet you, the people of the world, are so afraid of his power that you tolerate this criminal and allow him to continue on his murderous rampage unopposed.

Have you forgotten that a liar is determined to maintain his lies, he lies to frighten you, he will say anything to keep you paralyzed with fear and thus maintain his control over you.

To the peoples of other nations, do you really think that Bush is just the leader of the American people, he and his people live so far away from most of you, you seem to think that he is not your problem, think again. The President of the United States is your problem; he has defied your international agreements, murdered your people, stolen you natural resources and forced you into an illegal, immoral war.

Through his deceitful lies, Bush has taken away your power and if you think he won’t enforce his stolen authority think about this again as well. You live on this globe as well, there is no where to run, Bush is a complete nut, he actually believes that the world was created in 7 days, he reads the bible as though he were still a child in Sunday School.

The really scary thing that is never spoken of is that Bush wants to end your world and bring about the end of time, the fairy tale as it is written in the book of Revelations. He believes his version of Christianity is the only true religion and he is determined to prove that he is right.

Bush doesn’t care how many children have to live in pain and disability, or die needlessly at the point of a gun. He will gleefully order their deaths to further his own evil ends, and your opinion is, to him, irrelevant. He doesn’t care about the misery and bloodshed, he wants it, he said as much when he came before the world and said to the terrorists “Bring it on”. Is that the diplomatic verbiage of a President or the shear stupidity of a mindless, immature, child?

Look at his record thus far, Bush hasn’t been right about much of impotance and yet you, the people of planet earth, allow him ultimate power over life and death. The Earth is living on borrowed time and the way things are going, your children will suffer the consequence of shame as the try to repair the mess you leave for them. They will remember our time as we remember the time of the Nazis, we don’t ask, why did our parents allow Hitler to cause such misery, because we know that, at the time, they did not know, however the same is not true now, now we have the Internet, satellite television, cell phones, we have such technology in our time that it is virtually impossible to hide the terror of Bush. We are not like our parents, we know and we do nothing to stop the monster. We are either compliant murders along with Bush and his cronies or else we are not, and we speak out, how will your children remember you?

I am already full of shame, I ran when I first realized the danger Bush posed even within the US. I will not deny the truth anymore though; I no longer care what happens to me, there is no point to the world if it is in darkness and unhappy. I simply do not want to leave this world knowing that I could, at least, have told the truth.



Who loves ya baby? Well done.


I figured I could comment here or write a post on this. Sorry, my blog won this time.


I told you, only one hit of window pane on your first time. Have some chocolate, drink plenty of fluids and the paranoia WILL subside over time. I hope somebody took notes for you in class today.

Good post. Very sensible. I see your "friend," Pursuit, doesn't understand it at all. But then he understands nothing.

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