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Great post, as always, but--did you look at the pictures on her website? "Pretty" is not a word I would choose to describe her, unless it were an adverb, like "pretty average" or "pretty boring."

But that's just me. YMMV.

Actually, I find it intersting what is thought of Gabrielle. For one, pretty average or boring is not what I think of her but everyone does have their own opinion. I think she is hot and how hot she is does not come from her in her bikini. It comes from her accent, her heart, and her soul. This woman is the total package. Any misspelling or bad quote would come from the editor of the website but I think that we all misspell at times. I am sure that she meant "and even attending events" but she should not be faulted for that. Her webmaster or editor should be. She has a busy life and and she has been around many different cultures. She got my attention. Just because she is hot does not mean she does not have a brain. Just because she has a sexy voice does not mean she has nothing important to say. Her intelligence is not what I am looking at. I am looking at how well cultured she is and how much common sense she has. She is a beautiful woman with a great big heart. And she has plenty of common sense. This is sense that everyone should have and unfortunately many do not. This is what has become of the liberal media and Hollywood run life in America. We need an Australian woman to come over, take her celebrity, and use it to her fullest advantage. After all God granted her her beauty and the will to maintain it. God also granted her the will to do some good in this world. She is a winner and I would want her on my team any time any place.

Geez "Bob"... you sure spell like Gabrielle... you even write like Gabrielle... Gladd two here u r the total pckg. where wood amerika be without u. Get a reality check lady.

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