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Learning to disagree without being disagreeable--an important skill that is all too rare in our times.

I think the war in iraq is something to huff about. I think you should question the 'bring peace to the world' motive.

"The lesson of Ronald Reagan may be that we should all believe the best about each other"


Like Sen Ted Kennedy?

Like the father of that Berg guy whose head was cut off by the Islamo-schmucks?

Like Al "GWB Betrayed America" Gore?

Like Nancy Pelosi?

And the most obnoxious character you can find out there to accuse of hyperventilation is Sean Hannity?

Look, here's a clue, and I'm not even going to charge you a quarter for it... there's a war on. The enemy are camped out amonst us. They fly jets into our buildings. They are working to get a nuke, and they are enthusiastic about blowing up one of our cities.

Got that? An entire American city.

And the DIMocRATs are demonstrably "on the other side," and the best you can come up with is Sean Hannity, and an "oh, I'm so mellow with my historic perspective" blah-blah.

Can you really not distinguish between a wreath-laying at Bittburg after 40 years and 9/11 when 343 firemen died and our fellow citizens where jumping from buildings rather than burn to death?

There is a name for those of us who do not hyperventilate against our enemies and those who abet them... That name is "pussy".

Apparently, you mean to wear it with pride.

Excellent article, the rant above however shows why you are in so many wars going no where.

Good post, even though I don't agree with all of it. I'd have to say that the visceral hatred of President Bush by many of today's liberals probably matches any conservative excesses, and the Republicans and conservatives in the Reagan years were guilty of more than their share of hyperbole. Comparing Sean Hannity to outfits like Democratic Underground is a bit of a stretch. Still, your point is summarized nicely by the phase "we'll take a vote on it and live with the results." In our system, that's the best we can do, and we'd best not forget it.

Having said that, I'd also like to point out my partial agreement with Paul above, in that we're at war. We need to face the threat against us and agree on its reality. We need to all be on the same side. I wonder how many on the left -- and not just the lunitic fringe -- really feel that way.

I'm one of the scum-sucking traitorous liberal pussies who scans your blog to spy for the Islamo-schmucks, and I just want to say this: you damn right brotha. I always wonder how many more people would be interested in politics if our politicians and news sources weren't such repugnant idealogues. No offense to Hannity, Stern, Savage, the move-on crowd, Dean, or any of them, but vein-bulging shreiks about the injustice of powers that be only appeal to the kind of people who really have nothing better to do but get angry. Outrage just ain't the way to do it.


Nice piece. Like others, I don't agree with all of what you said, but it was thought provoking.

And while I hesitate to get into this, I would like to ask Paul, or others like him, how invading Iraq and enraging even more of the insane fundamentalists that "hate" America is making us safer? How is invading Iraq fighting the "war" against terrorism? As he mentioned "The enemy are camped out amonst us." So why go to war with Iraq?

Paul, did you read the same blog entry that the rest of us did? He's not talking about fundamentalist fanatics who want to forcibly convert the world to Islam; he's talking about the extremism of (US) domestic politics. Let's avoid name-calling and hyperbolic rhetoric, OK?

Referring to the top comment, that skill of "Disagreeing without being disagreeable" is dead and buried in San Franciso.

It doesn't exist here.

Because the powers that be here have no incentive to do so. No penalty to face if they don't play nice.

Diversity and inclusion? Bull!

Great post by the way. You are absolutely right. Too bad none of the people in San Francisco will ever admit it.

you are getting old.

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