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I believe all the federal employees who worked will be paid double time for working on a holiday.

And this differs from every other Federal holiday how?
What's our response supposed to be: too bad a Democrat didn't die to even things up?

This differs from Martin Luther King Day in what way? Apart form the fact that it is once, not once each year?

Conservative Since 63:

Unfortunately, some of us see a scenario like this arising:

When a Democrat does die, you won't want a state funeral because of the cost.

And you'll probably cite this post as justification for your reasoning!

The use of invective at the end of your comment lends that special gravitas to your statements. Thank you for an entertaining time on a Sunday morning.

By the way, it differs from every other holiday in that we generally don't celebrate those who lie to get the job, lie while they do the job, lie about the job they do, and then pardon each other for the lies. That crap all started with Tricky Dick, but Ronnie Ray-Gun was the first sock puppet for the machine when it got major league control of the national agenda. As far as he was capable of knowing, Ray-Gun actually enjoyed fanning the flames of divisive partisan politics in this country.

And that's just one facet of Re-Ron that conservatives will try to suppress knowledge about - he tripled the national debt, widened the gap between the rich and the poor, put the tax burden on the middle class, started reintegrating the Church into the State, and created Saddam and Osama as well as giving them WMD.

And we spent 400 million on it. This year.

There's no evening things up - I don't want to toss any more money down the drain to fraudulently canonize one of the politicians who managed to front the organization in charge of the country for a while.

To be completely fair, you would have to subtract all the money that was saved by having all those offices closed for one day. No lights on, no computers running, no gas for the mail trucks, etc.

And if all you're counting is salary for just a portion of federal employees, then $400 million is obviously a drop in the bucket for the full daily budget of the USA.

And if those folks had gone to work, we would have spent the money anyway and they would have sat on their bums playing minesweeper all day. So who cares?

Unfortunately, the trackback seems to show that people are misinterpreting your post to say that the "funeral" cost us $400M.

And I'm a state employee so I just cost Michigan 5 bucks to write this stupid post. Shucks...

Ronald Reagan's great and terrific service to this wonderful country, $400 was a bargain!

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