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Oh, he'll stay. He's a good soldier, and shows the kind of loyalty we (as a country) don't see enough of.

But after the election? I really, really doubt it. He's not willing to get hung out to dry the next four years.

Now, a vice-presidency might get him interested, but he's spent enough time close to the top that I have a feeling he wouldn't be willing to take the abrasion. I may be wrong: career military officers have the most bruising office politics in existence, and he may be used to it.

Colin Powell has said time and time again that he's not interested in running for president. Why on earth would he go for veep?

"Compassionate conservative"? "Uniter, not a divider"? Those labels went down the drain when W came out (as it were) in favor of a constitutional ammendment banning gay marriage.

For every person like Colin Powell in the Bush administration, there are half a dozen like John Ashcroft. To paraphrase The Bard, "Out, damned Bush! Out I say!"

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