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Yeah, i think it comes down to the cluelessness of Mr. Rivers when it comes to what the military is all about and why they do what they do.

Shame on him.

Well Reggie is an idiot.

I signed up in the Army for College money. Did not need to do that, could have borrowed the money.

But they offered me a good deal, and I figured I would get to travel to Europe.

So I signed up, I knew there could be a war, heck just months after I signed up, we bombed Libya. Anyway, he is just an idiot, I signed up, I protected Germany from the Red Commie Bastards and did my time.

I am a Gay man and a taxpayer. Every year I am forced to turn over the profits of my labor to the government. I do not choose to do this, and I can be forced into labor to pay these taxes if I fail to comply. The term of my bondage expires only with my death.

If I lived in an urban area in the Northeast, I would not be allowed to carry a gun. I am not allowed to carry a gun as a member of the military. In 49 out of 50 states, I cannot marry the partner of my choice. And with Congress proposing a constitutional amendment against my human rights, I don't think I'm a respected member of my society. Beatings are illegal, but not so uncommon as one might hope.

Draw your own conclusions, friends.

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