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agreed 100 per cent
he is a poor excuse for an american

I really think that Dennis Miller has been encouraged to have his own program by our current administration... He is definitely not funny, since most of his humor is geared towards people who believe the spin of the current GOP media onslaught. These viewers probably have never had close friends that are not WASP's. What really angered me was when he showed footage of a Pakistani man during the "Alligator Festival", prodding an alligator with a stick, and consequently asked, "who do you want to win". He's a racist bastard, and will only propagate feelings of hate towards foreigners, especially by those that live in rural areas, which is about 90% of the population....I'm convinced this show is just part of Bush's desire to rouse jingoist sentiment within the masses... In order for this country to stay "democratic", we have to find a way to lessen the control the government has on the FCC to control programming - are we headed towards the excessive media control that exists like in China?

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