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With my wife, our sexual differences are demonstrated by punctuation.
Wife: No more sex, we're married.
Me: No, more sex, we're married.

Soon after marrying my ex-wife, our sex life quickly devolved into heavy S & M.

She slept and I masturbated.

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my problem is sex does not last long enough for me. we both has orgasm my wife has multiple. foreplay last longer than the sex. i have premature ejaculation. when i masterbate i can make it last. i mean i can have an orgasm with out cumming. over and over. i wanted to practice this with my wife , but she says she is happy. i am not. i love sex with my wife just not long enough for me. i have practice this art withmy penis, but i cant figure out what the problem is . oh! i also have a curve penis. my wife says im the only man ever to give her a g-spot orgasm. this thing that i have tried while masterbating is this. i can make myself cum rapidly, but i dont i hold it in just as it goes limp i work it up again to the point of cumming same senario.now i have practice this with my wife. my wife hates it when i dont cum. i try to tell her i purposely do this for us. i think im multiple orgasm. no but seriously i think my condition of going quickly from 0 to 90seconds makes me concern enough to question this .i am a very happy married man, i dont want to have a one night stand to practice this technique to see how long i can last, but like i said during masterbation i hve lasted over 30 minutes and could of cummed at least 4or 5 times. i think my condition maybe beacuse of my bent penis. i need some questions answer thank you

Don: I highly doubt it's your bent penis. And women HATE it when the men don't cum (imho) there is a difference in having sex with a men trying to achieve orgasm, and sex with one that is trying to sustain it for as long as possible. Don't 'do it for her' (or us, or whatever) Just, well, do it. If your enjoying it and like, really enjoying it, in the most selfish way possible, then she will be bound to feel the same way too.

And I don't understand why people are so obsessed with how long sex lasts. I can be happy with anything from 2 minutes to 40, it's the quality that counts. You know how there's sex where the guy's orgasm starts to become a problem? That's how sex with people obssessed with making it last forever feels like. I think a quick recovery is more imporant. Oh yes indeed.


I have been asking my girlfriend about sex like this, "was that pleasing","was that long enough",or the most popular,"did you have an orgasm". Which she usually tells me i lost count ya no lie not trying to toot my own horn buts its a fact. So i guess this is a thank you and a question. Thanks for clearing up that several hour sex thing for me i thought it was not normal to have sex for under an hour. Well the question. Say my girlfriend wants to have sex for two hours what is the best way of achieving this? By pulling back and saving it for the end? Or by having a bigger member is it true size matters for a longer performance or is it all in how you use it? Well i hope you find my questions worth answering.

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