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Tom, thanks for the email.

Conrad, thanks for nothing, babe. I knew you were getting burned out on blogging. It happens. Don't forget to keep up on those meds (mainly the antibiotics). Take care!

Thank you Tom. Thank you Conrad. Thank you Michelle. Gweilo, rest quietly, gain steadily, fly freely.

Tom: thank you for sending me the update.

Conrad: I just want to say thank you for a very entertaining and informative blog. There are many I read routinely that deal with the U.S., Europe, Mid-East, etc. but few that offer insight into Asia. You did that and with a sense of humour.

Thank you and please let everyone know if you plan to return.

How appropriate, that "Over the Rainbow" was playing (jazz piano) just as I clicked on this link. '>)

Conrad! I will miss girl friday! Simon take up the post!

Don't bother bringing the GweiloDiaries back Conrad - it was a festering pile of dogs turd.

Much better to see crap like that flushed down the toilet than stinking the net out.

Nude Asian chicks do up the site visits. Tom? Maybe you should take up Girl Friday. Uh, I wasn't volunteering to be your debut submission though.

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