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A treat, for sure. A true return to classic Sex Day form. I almost like the infrequent Sex Day...it makes it that much sweeter to get them.

Aslo...the mosquito bit was great! Made me laugh, made the 4 or so people I've related it to since then laugh as well.

Wow, you have truly and bravely wandered into one of the trickiest of all circumstances in the adventure that is the sexual relationship. Breaking the ice of a desired new kink into a relationship has got to be one of the toughest things to accomplish successfully. Lots of room for here for things to go wrong.

For this particular aspect- spanking, my recommendation is prolonged attention to the bum by the one desiring to apply the spanking. Lots of kissing and a warm massage can get the focus of the recipient into a mood that a swat or two can further fuel into a heated paddling episode.

But its easy to overdo it, as most any guy knows and what works one night may not have the same effect next week. However, if you're successful once, the woman will probably let you know when its time to try again.

But life's not for the bashful now is it?

Don't underestimate the power of "I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours" in relating fantasies. Maybe you're not the only sick-o pervert in the family...although personally, I don't consider spanking perverse. To each their own kink.

I hate the "I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours" line. I've gotten trapped into that twice. As for the first guy, I really wish he hadn't told me. Ohmyfuckinggod. Relationship was definitely over. The second time, I felt so pressured into coming up with a good one but alas, I got "Oh... That's it?". I guess I need to work on a better imagination.

Here's a few tips for you buddy.

No.1 When people post on internet forums they use something called a handle or nic. A handle rarely represents a persons real name or profession. In the case you mention the person is actually a professor. The second r stands for something else. I'm sure you found your little dig about the spelling mistake rather amusing but all it really does is show people how you purposely misinterpret things to suit your own needs.

No.2 Many sites on the internet appear one day and are gone the next. This rarely has anything to do with the validity of their content. You may not know this but web sites take TIME and sometimes even money to maintain. Imagine That! I wonder how long your site will be around for. Make sure you keep paying your isp.

No 3. If your going to quote someone's post how about quoting the WHOLE thing. That way it can be kept in context. Of course that would mean you won't be able to put your own little slant on it.

I thought your article was rather good. Had you done a little more research it could have been allot better. Trust me...there's allot more spankofiles out there than you know!

"First, you have to remember that some women like to be spanked. Second, you have to remember that some women are deeply offended by the idea of being spanked."

Or some, like my wife, who seem to fall into both camps at the same time.


Great article!

Just so you know, we women of utterpants (link above) love to be spanked. And there'd be nothing that could please us more is if the hilarious Tom Johnson would pop in our pants to do it. ;)

Spanking. Ooooh!! My FAVOURITE. It took my hubby ages to come round to it---he really didn't believe I wanted it so much---, but now he loves to redden my ass.

Check out the Spanking posts in my Index.

DTG xxoo
Pussy Talk

Maybe you're not the only sick-o pervert in the family...To each their own kink. (emphasis added)


Based on years of informal discussions and interviews, I would say MOST women in their twenties and thirties like to get spanked.

Women in their late forties & fifties tend to see spanking as patriarchal oppression, although I've known serious feminists who loved it when they got spanked and taken sexually.

Spanking is about biology, not ideology.

You can always give your wife one of my spanking kits. A very safe way to introduce the topic.

Or bring home the movie Secretary or Story of O.

1. "Gwen" is still online, at www.gwenworld.com - the same URL you linked.

2. You took her quote out of context and changed it without using brackets, as anyone who clicked that link would have seen.

3. If you ever took the time to read Gwen's blog, as opposed to googling "ask to spank" and copying the first thing that seemed to make your point for you, you'd see that she is not at all the person you're representing her to be. But you don't take the time to get to know people, do you? It's easier to have cyber S&M with old men pretending to be women who like getting spanked, isn't it?

Please don't link to Gwen's site anymore if you can't do so in context. She won't miss you, either.

Based on my own observations i can i agree with those who say most women enjoy spanking.

There really is no way to spot a spanko for sure. It takes time and patience to build a trusting relationship in the spanking community.

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