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Psychologists from the University of Sydney, after a series of studies, concluded that the heaviest day of the week is Wednesday. It is Wednesday, people feel that until the weekend is far, and at the same time on that day accounted for the largest number of cases at work. Widespread belief that the heaviest day of the week is Monday, especially Monday morning, according to Australian psychologists, wrong.
Researchers initially interviewed 200 people about what kind of day they feel most unpleasant. Most named Monday.

American scientists found that components of watermelon have on blood vessels same effect as the drug "Viagra". Antioxidants litsopen, beta carotene and tsitrullin found in watermelon is no worse than usual "chemistry", - confident researchers.Miracle watermelon due to the effect that it used tsitrullin transformed into amino acids arginine, which promotes blood circulation. Arginine increases Nitric oxide - a substance conducive to relax and allowing the vessel to normalize sexual function.Arginine increases Nitric oxide - a substance conducive to relax and allowing the vessel to normalize sexual function. In addition to increasing libido watermelon is good that supports the proper operation of the heart, immune system, displays the toxins from the body.Thanks to the content of watermelon litsopena favorably acts on the heart, prostate and skin. A new study is likely to increase the sales of watermelons and reduce the popularity of "Viagra". Although… Men easier to bring to visit the packaging of tablets tha
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Is there a friendship between a man and a woman? I think every asked myself this question. I was confident that exists. After all, I had you, the loyal and reliable friend. And despite the fact that you saw only once, daily telephone conversations, we replaced the meeting. We knew each other absolutely everything, can talk for hours on various topics, often flirtovali and sometimes in your words heard notes jealousy.And even our second halves could not forbid us to communicate. You say that this is fate and our acquaintance on the phone was not accidental. You lived in a nearby town, and several months after dating, we did decide to meet. Brodie all night through the city, chat, kiss. I do not know why we have not decided on any relationship. We just thought that we better stay friends, and almost two years, this was indeed the case.

Men increasingly taking loans for large sums. The most common purpose - business development. It is obvious that such a loan is absolutely essential. The opportunity to invest and attract investment - one of the major engines of the market economy. Therefore, credit for business development eventually creates assets and increases welfare as a bank and a businessman.
Another version of "male" credit - to buy an apartment.

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Audience sites targeted exclusively at women, for 2007 grew by 35%. This category is one of the fastest growing and promising to advertisers on the Net, analysts believe. One of the most popular blogs in the Women's Network is http://sharemuta.blogspot.com/, whose audience is about 10 thousand users. Traditionally, women are considered such topics as fashion, beauty, health, cooking and sex.Women constitute over half the population of the Earth and commit more of all purchases. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new sites for this type of investment.The popularity of women's sites grew in 2007 by 35%, according to new record research company comScore. In July 2008, this kind of resources was visited 84 million people - 27% higher than for the same in 2007.Women's sites, according to ComScore, growing faster all the other thematic segments internet, exceeded only by resources on policies.Being beautiful want at any age. And this is not so difficult as it seems - you need only know what cosmetics are appr
opriate for your age. How do you need to care for face and body, and that in 20, 50 and look at itself-the most.

Do smokers girls twice increased risk of insult, compared to women smokers. At the same time, women smokers in large quantities, this risk is increased nine times.

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Immanuel Kant, in Critique of Judgement (1790) states that "Laughter is an effect that arises if a tense expectation is transformed into nothing." Here is Kant's 218-year old joke and his analysis: "An Englishman at an Indian's tabletrobolinolin

Tasks diet:

- Providing the body with all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
- Restriction of entry into the body of products that could disrupt the function of an organ.

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