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Going back to high school means being a pimple-faced teen again. I would not return to that time (even though I never had zits) and was reasonably popular.

As for the butt cleavage shot, that's not butt cleavage - that's a full moon!!!

Half the fun in high school was "opening the package". Who can forget rolling the tube top back.....ok, it was the 70's, they weren't all bad.

This is just wrong. Haven't these girl's mothers let informed them on the seductiveness of modesty?

It's already too late. "Low rider" jeans and all too visible thongs have been part of daily high school couture for a couple of years now.

We teachers referred to last year's valedictorian as the "Queen of Crack" because of this. When she asked me to sign her yearbook, I desperately wanted to write, "Please promise to wear a belt in college."

Similar. There may well be differences in the 'average' woman and the 'average' man for certain behaviours, but there is so much variation within the sexes that it makes no sense to discriminate against individuals.

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