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"rip your dick off"? No way I do anything but run as fast as I can from that proposition.

So, if a gal finds an older man attractive, would the acronym be "DILDO"? (Dad I'd Like to Do)


Brilliant article, where is this bar you speak of?

There is something to be said for women who have curves and can fill out lace lingerie in a way that those "stick chicks" cannot. I especially love the single hose with garters. There are so many hot and sophisticated women out there who have no idea just how sexy they are.

I suppose along with wrinkles and backpain, I do have MILF-dom to look forward to whenever I stumble into my forties.

Also...I love sex day. maybe it could be monthly? first week of every month or something?

Wow, that explains a lot! Back in the days when I used to use AOL, I only wish I had a nickel for every "kid" who propositioned me in IMs. I could never understand why these guys were "into older women". Of course, the answer I heard was that they thought older women were "desperate".

Anyway, I still think it's weird. hahahaha

I'm going with Pursuit's adjective: DILDO for Dad I'd Like To Do. Fabulous. I can think of a ton... and someday, my goal in life is to be a MILF. (Shouldn't it be every woman's, whether she plans on having children or not? After all, I don't think you really NEED children to be a MILF. You can just be a plain old sexy older woman, as far as I've always heard it.)

Izabel -- I've seen "MILF" defined as "Mature woman I'd Like to Fuck" as well as "Mom...", so no reason to have kids!

How old is Eduardo?

"You rip my dick off, and I'll whip your arse so hard you can't walk! A deal?"


sound delicious meeting .

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