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After writing that post and seeing Gir's reply, I went and Googled for Canadian cuisine (why research first?! It ruins the story!) and discovered this..."Time, was indigenous Canadian cuisine consisted of what was readily available prepared as imaginatively or as simply as circumstances allowed. Some of the original Indian recipes were roast polar bear, boiled reindeer, moose meat soup, sweet pickled beaver, squirrel fricassee, fried woodchuck. Stuffed whale breast, steamed muskrat legs, boiled porcupine, boiled caribou hoofs. Baked skunk, dried buffalo meat, baked salmon, roast or boiled corn, and acorn bread."

I think we need to strengthen our borders...particularly the northern one.

Wow. Zonker's making me hungry! All those dishes would be great with Mac & Cheese. Now, which one shall I make my husband tonight? Definitely a saucy beaver!!! Ooh, I'm so gross!

Why is it that I look at zonker's comment and all I can see is "sweet, pickeld beaver"? Oh, that's right.. because I'm a man.

Mayonaise. They love mayonaise. What? I dated a Canadian.

Boycott Tom Cruise!!

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