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I saw this and was so disgusted I couldn't even post on it. These people are an embarrasment to anyone with a functioning brain.

I never thought I'd hear myself saying these words but, "for the love of God, PLEASE cover your tits."

I am amazed at the judgmental attitudes in the commentary and comments here. "Deliberately unattractive"? Like they used some form of genetic engineering to look like what I see as natural? As a practicing nudist, I think you people HAVE to be textiles who are ashamed of the human body. Get over it; we're all naked under our clothes.

OTOH, what bare breasts (or any other body part) have to do with war beats me. I don't recall a war over this issue since Helen of Troy.

Please note, in the photographs linked to, the number of facial piercings and prominent tattoos. Those are deliberate actions, taken by many advocates of such mutilation as a statement of rejection of conventional notions of what is attractive or not. Hence: deliberately unattractive.

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