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"They also built a lot of golf courses, which gave those people something to do when the sex was over."

Oh...for when the sex was over...gosh, sorry, I didn't know.

I truly enjoyed Sex Day. I think your wife would not be embarrassed in the least, for you revealed nothing too kinky at all. (applause, applause)

As for Angelina Jolie: "She once made so much noise having Hotel Sex that it woke up security guards in Kenya"

This would be far more impressive if she was in a hotel in Mexico at the time. (bada bing! thank you, I'll be here all week.)

Ah, Tom.. it was well worth the wait. Sex Day was awe inspiring as always. Made me want to run off and spend the night in a hotel... and even take Scarlett with me.

I would have a hard time going to the hotel in Colorado.

I take enough of a chance with Charlie.. I don't need to catch some leftover herpes on the adult swing.

Today, all sorts of fun pieces of sex furniture exist. I own a sex swing and love the variety of sex positions it offers. I also like my sex pillow and the bondage sex chair.

• Causes Neurological: herpes zoster is an infection of one or more intercostal nerves by the herpes virus that produces great pain.

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