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Okay, first, why don't you just use a nice handy MASTERCARD, silly!?! You can get a Citicard Diamond and get POINTS when you spend dough! Much better than those cheesy dept store cards!

Second... what is up with these minimum wage cashiers getting freaky over a couple of bucks?!? I spent THIRTY MINUTES at Target the other day trying to purchase some stupid little travel bags that I only thought I needed since they were marked down to under $2 each. The cashier, a kid in his early twenties, basically accused me of switching tags when they rang up at a higher price! So, not only am I a thief who switches tags, but I cleverly am able to CREATE said tags, with the correct SKU number on them and I place them on ALL of the bags so anyone can pick up these tacky little numbers at the value price. I was livid. Normally I would have just walked rather than deal with the price thing, but this guy actually said "some people switch the tags" to me. Then we had some principle going on there. I got my bags for the marked price, and after three people helping to do it, I am still PISSED - and the manager that I left a message for NEVER returned me call. Double ticked off now! Okay, sorry.... you gave me the opportunity, I vented! =)

Shopping: BAD!!!

Vomit makes me think of Nirvana too!

Think of the fun you'd have had with the security people if your bag was filled with "Neuticles."

You know, at playoff time, I often get the urge to watch baseball games in bars. I know that bars are sometimes crowded with (dread) people, but do you ever get this urge too?

George Carlin had "your stuff" and "other people's stuff".

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