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Not fair! I'm a very reflective right-wing crackpot! In fact, at the crackpot club I'm known as "the reflective one"......the David St. Hubbins of the group.

Plus, I'm damn funny.Thats why you read me.

I survived the extinction! Hope I can evolve to survive the next round in the future.

You are so mean to your niece. I hope she spikes your eggnog this Christmas and you have the runs for days!

Being a woman's not all it's cracked up to be. There's the bloating and water retention. And don't forget the wide hips and the feeling of powerlessness (even after watching Oprah).

I forgot to add, wow, I moved up to daily. That fucking rocks.

Yes, please be nice to your niece. Although she doesn't update her blog nearly enough, this is only because she's busy saving the world and serving The Arts.

Did I just get a promotion? Funny how that seems to happen when I blog LESS than usual. Ah well. I'm glad you're enjoying it and quite frankly the fact that you lumped me in with Engrish truly delights me. Thanks, dude!

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