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No one sticks up for your ridiculous nephew in Minnesota, huh? Well, I will. Hear, hear. Way to go. I suppose it doesn't count 'cause I'm his dad . . . .

Oh, and his mom scares me sometimes, too.

Uncles are an interesting thing. I don't believe that I have one that hasn't given me one form of grief or another in my tenure on this Earth. Except for maybe Joe, but that's hardly surprising... ^_^

I could always take the high road and proclaim that I will never treat any nieces or nephews I may acquire years from now, (and I do mean YEARS. I already have to keep an eye on my now college-age sister for some precarious antics perpetrated at a certain Halloween party a fortnight prior involving a certain friend of mine and a significant amount of wine cooler...) in such a manner as I have been treated by my various siblings of my various parents. But, as I reflect, I realize that the closes thing I have is the infant child of close college friends and I am sure that, once she's old enough to "appreciate" it, her father and I will issue her enough embarrassment to rank me at least at the same level as the uncle who prompted this comment. So, I guess I'll just have to sit and take the ridicule and such and continue to, as I have for many years, pretend that I don't enjoy the attention. But, I digress...

As someone who also has a hard time finding the right gift for someone, or even the wrong gift for that matter, I will come to your aid personally. I seem to remember a few years back receiving a wonderful B.B. King album from you, before I was truly in the mindset to appreciate it. But now I am a little older and, perhaps, a little wiser, I have been able to develop a taste for Americas one, true original art form, Jazz.

I am in need of at least an album or two of some good Jazz. I tend to prefer something of the Bebop or Hard Bop flavor. Some Charlie Parker, or early John Coltrane. The weird side in me always loves Thelonious Monk.

So, there you are, uncle. A good suggestion coming straight from the source. Take from it what you will and I hope this at least points you in the right direction, if nothing else. Good luck!

Oh, and by the way, I’m 22, 6’1”, and, last I check, there is are no Eskimo genes in me. Of course, knowing my family, who knows…

OK, listen, that's all well and good. But this isn't turning into some familiy blog. And nephew, you're way bigger than six-one. Please note, as you lumber through your day, how you see only the tops of people's heads. Note also that in the absense of trees you are able to look at the far horizon and see the actual curvature of the Earth.

And any other family members: Keep in mind that mt regular reader doesn't know anything aobut our family and has no idea who "Joe" is. When you introduce new characters, give some context.

Hmm.. family reading and commenting on your blog.

Enter yet another reason I choose to keep my blog anonymous.

Wow. Nephew is smart. Dem Eskimo genes of his are damn good.

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