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This is an utterably stupid essay. Let's get some facts straight. While I wouldn't have said it myself, Schmidt didn't call Murtha a coward. She directed a message to him given her by an active duty Marine to warn him off his cut-and-run comments.

We could do hardly worse than what Murtha proposes. The easiest way to lose in Iraq is to merely quit as he proposes. It is profoundly unpatriotic to express one's opposition to the war in ways that give aid and comfort to the enemy while our troops are under fire.

Your comments here are just sophomoric silliness.

One of my points was that Schmidt hid behind the words of others in called Murtha a coward; you find it acceptable and I don't.

I specifically did not address the issue of whether was right. This was a posting about civility and respect, not policy. I haven't written much about Iraq policy because I am torn about which way we need to go. Cutting and running doesn't seem a realistic option; neither does a continuation of the status quo. When I figure out a path that seems reasonable to me, I'll post on it.

Thank you, Dawgnot, for proving my point about Republicans and civility. You didn't engage my argument, chosing instead to lash out. You Republicans make it too easy sometimes.

As a consservative, pro-war, Republican and former marine, I literally cringed when I saw Schmidt's comments on CNN.


And Dawgnot's parsing doesn't help her a bit. She was reading a prepared statement, it wasn't off the cuff. Either she understood the inherent implication of her words, in which case she's a loathsome slime artist. Or she didn't understand the implication, in which case she's dumber than a rock.

Either way. . . .

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