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But is Bush still talking to God?

Maybe God hasn't been returning his calls lately........

I was going to post on this an like to you, but then I thought I've gone overboard and have been doing to much of that lately. Besides, your entire family is giving you way too much traffic anyway, so my two referrals would probably crash the server.

Bottom line; this is one dumb article. Lets look at this properly. The man is president, he has a bunch of lunatic Arabs trying to blow his country up, the Democrats are not only insulting, but mind numbingly stupid, your French alies are in denial watching their country burn, a special prosecuter has indicted a staffer who can't mis-remembered a meeting in an investigation over who outed a spy who really wasn't a spy but hasn't indicted anyone else who has mis-remembered stuff, and you can't even drink, without somebody freaking out and claiming you're falling off the wagon. Then to top it all off, some dumb ass blogger named Josh wants to claim you're unstable because you find the whole thing depressing!

Please, if I ever start talking about running for president just shoot me in the damn head!

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