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We need to talk about this religion thing. I'm uncomfortable thinking of you as either someone who has suspended disbelief in something as unbelievable as "Aramaic Jew, dead 2000 years takes responsibility for everything, everywhere, forever" or as a hypocrite of the "the underlying moral principles are what I really believe in so I go along with the rest" ilk. You are too much the critical thinker to have a fuzzy concept that Christians will be "saved" and there's room in heaven for the good-hearted among the other faiths, too. Have you bought into the idea that Jesus is THE Way, all non-believers be damned? All 3 billion not to mention the 6 billion or so who've already died? Your Sunday mornings could be spent exploring what is true and enriching among the world's religions, giving your kids the moral underpinning (I know words like that sound ridiculous coming from me, dirtbag that I've been) they'll need in a time when corporate theft is called a different approach to accounting practices. I used to be very tolerant of other's beliefs but lately Christianity has taken an aggressive stance about America being a christian nation. When pushed, I push back.

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