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Functional Ambivalent would feel differently if the contract was going to a Canadian firm.

The creeping Canadianization of the world is a real threat. Take, for example, the insidious curling.

Point 1: You're right that it doesn't really matter who owns the ports; furthermore, it seems that Dubai-operated ports are really good.

Point 2: We shouldn't be concerned with what Moslems think of us. Worrying about their feelings/opinions/etc. can only draw us deeper into their hideously disfunctional realm. Instead, we should disengage from the Moslem world. If we are in the West and they are in their countries, with extremely limited contact, they will no longer be a threat to us. They were no threat to us when they were weak and stuck in the Middle East (and the Moslem parts of SE Asia). Now they are in our lands and blowing us up, threatening to blow us up, getting worked into murderous frenzies because of cartoons, etc. Separate Moslems from the West--and the West from them--and we're back to a safer world.

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