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Awww. Thanks dude. It's really a pleasure to me when I come across a fellow ass-hat. Keep up the great work!

Actually, I think she is quite brave, or perhaps in deep, deep denial. Really. Did you check out the photo album? A quick look and one arrives at the inescapable conclusion that the reason men aren't approaching her has little to do with her shiny ring.

Although it does appear that she might have a decent rack.

Gosh, that is just the kind of comment that might piss our dear Canuck friend off, eh? I really need to work on my social skills.

What Pursuit said!

Speaking as one of those guys ol Linds won't have sex with..Oh thank you..... Thank you....THANK YOU! I'd hate to chew off my neanderthal arm so as not to wake you next morning! Friggin coyote~!

Great. I read your post and am inspired to rip her, at which point I check in the next day and you post a "nevermind"! Remind me to keep you in front of me if we ever get in a dark alley!

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