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"I have made my mistakes. Now you mentioned one other thing, my showing up at a Democratic fundraiser for which I have taken justifiable criticism in recent days. That was a mistake. I have apologized for it. I will go on from there."

The quote above is from Dan Rather answering questions on April 16, 2001 before a Brown University audience. By the way, Rather did a little more than "show up" he spoke at the thing and then claimed he didn't know it was a fundraiser even though his daughter was running it.

Really, that was just too easy, and if you really want to debate this issue I could go on forever with examples of bias. Good lord, FOX News tilts right (you know the guys that broke the "arabs are buying the ports story" and trumpeted the "Iraq is decending into civil war" nonsense) and you think this demonstrates a lack of media bias.

Have you considered that Hannity, as big of a fool as he is, is on a show where he is paid to give the conservative side of the story? He is not a journalist with an unbiased view and in fact a biased liberal sits right next to him. Rather, on the other hand was a hard news man supposedly telling us "how it was". No, no liberal bias there at all.

One more thing, have you taken a look at the cumulative audience that views the three network news casts and CNN? Of course, I suppose you believe that none of those broadcasts are liberal.

I don't think media bias is a problem, so long as it's acknowledged. That way you know what you're getting when you tune in.

Everyone knows Hannity and Scarborough are right-wingers, so it doesn't raise a stink. A lot of the network anchors lean to the left, but try to pretend they're objective. Being human beings, of course, they aren't. Nothing wrong with that, but I wish they'd own up to it.

Kind of like false advertising if you think about it. I think that's why people cry foul with them and not Hannity.

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