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From Bernie Goldberg's book Bias he has the following from CBS News President Andrew HeywardLook, Bernie, of course there's a liberal bias in the news. All the networks tilt left. ... If you repeat any of this, I'll deny it.But more interesting to this discussion is Evan Thomas, Assistant Managing Editor of NewsweekI’m talking about the establishment media, not Fox, but -- they’re going to portray Kerry and Edwards as being young and dynamic and optimistic and all, there’s going to be this glow about them that some, is going to be worth, collectively, the two of them, that’s going to be worth maybe 15 points. [source]That sounds much like active campaigning disguised as news coverage. Now I think that the liberal media (think pre-FOX anyway, and largely pre-Rush) was one of the best things that conservatives had going for them. In order to be able to defend a conservative position, you had to educate yourself. So I'm pretty sanguine about the whole 'liberal media' thing.

And currently, one can pick their news source; you like FOX and Rush? Great. You like CBS and Air America? Great. The sane people are going to be getting some from each side. I don't see a problem.

And the comment about conservative media identifying as such while liberal media doesn't, the good counter-argument is that FOX's slogan is "Fair and Balanced". So they aren't advertising conservative, just as CBS isn't advertising liberal. And Air America advertises liberal just like Rush advertises conservative.

All things considered, I don't see anything for either side to yell about.

Of course there's media bias, but it's neither Democrat nor Republican, it's statist.

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