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Moral hazzard, it'll get you one way or another.

Sometimes I wonder if people ever read the whole story they link to.

The White House has shown little appetite for special airline-relief provisions. And the primary Republican architect of the House bill, Majority Leader John Boehner of Ohio is also viewed as lukewarm at best to any airline breaks.

Those stupid, stupid Republicans.

And, if you do bother to read the whole story, you find that the bill is not about corporate subsidies AT ALL, but instead, forcing companies to pay into their pension fund at a HIGHER rate than they are today AND to pay higher PBGC premiums. Unless, you know, you really believe that constitutes a subsidy and welfare.

But you're right -- Grassley said something stupid, which I guess is good enough reason to remind everybody about creative destruction. And greasy bloated hog Republicans.

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