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The Islamic reaction to the former Hitler Youth's proclamation that Islam is violent has been bombings, murders and riots. Apparently, there is no word for irony in Arabic.

A unified display of outrage in this country usually means a star studded event on TV and and some nasty editorials in the NY Times and WSJ.

Asking for a display of outrage is a far cry from asking for his head, which is what would have happened had he made remarks about Islam.

On the other hand, there's something to be said for merely ignoring a pest.

"On the other hand, there's something to be said for merely ignoring a pest."

Like those pesky thousands of protesters who opposed Iranian President Aramalamadingdong's presence in the US. They got pretty well ignored, didn't they?

Outrage? Hell, they must be dancing a jig over at the State Department right now. Chavez did more to discredit himself in 30 minutes than the US could have accomplished in 30 years.

The man got Charlie Rangle and Nancy Pelosi to defend George Bush for Christ's sake. I'll bet even Cindy Sheehan wouldn't touch Chavez with a fork today. Karl Rove ought to offer him a free hour of prime-time network TV every month.

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