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As my grandma said at story time, "The boogey man will get you if you don't watch out."

Isn't Bill O'Reilly on everyones "Death List"?

I heard that it's not al Qaeda that's sneaking in, but Iranian agents, setting up sleeper cells, ready to pounce as soon as we attack Iran.

While both cases are probably overstated, and while your doubts are well-founded, our Swiss cheese-like borders are definitely a cause for concern, especially considering reports that Middle Eastern Moslems are sneaking in from Mexico, disguised as Mexicans. Whether this is true or hyperbole is hard to gauge, because most news outlets avoid any article that makes illegal aliens look bad.

And after they cross the border, those sombrero wearing jihadis gather on a grassy knoll in Roswell, with Big Foot, Elvis, the Bavarian Illuminati and the Freemasons, waiting for the Hale Bopp comet to broadcast the signal to attack.

Conrad, What about the Easter Bunny?

Are you questioning the existence of the Easter Bunny?

Somebody won't be getting any chocolate eggs next year.

No, I was just wondering what his role was. Is he masterminding the plot? Is he on the sidelines due to that ear-biting incident in back in '83? What's going on with the Easter Bunny, Conrad?

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