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Contract With America Newt was a leader. He all but single-handedly acheived the Republican majority in Congress. Say what you will about his ideas today, but while Newt was speaker he kept spending under control. The combination of Newt leaving and W taking the reigns as spender in chief are what has ballooned the deficit, not tax cuts.

Revenue into the government, much as in the 80s, has dramatically increased as a result of tax cuts. The problem is that the Democratic congress of the 80s and the drunk with power Republicans of today have never met a spending bill for which they wouldn't vote.

I don't know that I want to see Newt in the White House, but I wouldn't mind seeing him, or someone with his cajones, back in Congress to get these ass clowns back under control.

"...media that have been, until recently, little more than court stenographers for the Bush Administration."

Um, Tom? Hello? What meds are you on (or what wines are you drinking) that make you think that the news media are biased in favor of Republicans?

Here's a wee reality check for you:


I, like many, once thought that those opposed to public acceptance of homosexuality were just mean, or prejudiced, or latent, or otherwise had something wrong with them.

I was wrong.

Some are opposed on religious grounds. Some are (also) opposed on civilizational grounds. Once again, someone else has said it far better than I:

"Liberty and self-government require a cohesive culture, which in turn requires strong family ties, which in turn require traditional sexual morality. ...It’s hard to see how normalization of homosexuality can be reconciled with a free self-governing society."


Short but with a longish discussion following it.

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