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I would like to point out that in the early 80s when there were both a Republican and Democrat accused of indecent behavior with pages, Newt called for both of them to resign, but no one called for Tip O'Neil to resign.

When Hastert was made aware of the email, he went to the page's parents, who refused to reveal the contents of the email over privacty concerns. But even if they had, those emails were questionable, but not anything that would have warranted any action against Foley other than what happened. He was told to stop.

I think there ought to be an investigation to be sure of exactly what the House leadership knew and when they knew it. If it turns into a scandal akin to the cover up of the priest scandals, then Hastert and several others should swing from the highest rafters in the capitol building. But if it turns out that they didn't know the extent of Foley's depravity until this past week, then this should not be a partisan issue.

Either way, this is one sick bastard who doesn't need to be allowed to have contact with minor males, gray area of the law or not.

"Foley's Depravity"???

I know depravity. Depravity is a friend of mine. And this is not depravity.

Trust Congress to give us a pedophilia sex scandal without any actual pedophilia or sex.

And only in America could it be perfectly legal to fuck a 16 year old but a felony to send him an email asking if he wants to fuck.

The only thing that makes this pseudo-scandal remotely interesting is the delicious irony of watching Foley get strung up by the very same asinine laws he foisted on the rest of us.

Following on Conrad's point, only in the US Congress, and the Democratic Party in this case, is it possible to call for Hastert's resignation over some foul emails, but when the ironically named Congressman Gerry Studds has an "affair" with a 17 year old male page (which it seems included providing said page with liquor), well, it's ok to continue to serve and retire with a pension.

Yup, yer right Tom, what this country needs is more Democrats.

Republicans really should stick to financial scandals and leave sexual impropriety to the Democrats. When the parties stray onto one anothers' turf it results in embarrassing debacles like William Jefferson's freezer and Mark Foley's MSN account.

Oh sure,that is so like you Conrad! Hogging all the good scandals to yourself. Hell, I can have a good fincial scandal anytime I want, but what fun is that? As a good Repub I've raped the workers for all they're worth already. What I need is a good sex scandal and you are ruling that off limits! What the hell? If I want to have a good sex scandal frankly I think I'm entitled. So, you know, mind your own beeswax bub!

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