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Oh my.........history will look back and conclude......feminism (not that I'm a huge fan) died the day idiot boy put on his pilot costume and let the real pilot fly him out to the big flat boat in hostile waters....off San Diego!

You write as if this were some sort of new phenomena. I suppose it is for Republicans, but as for Democrats,well there is a long and bizarre history. The Kennedys, Eugene McCarthy (A guy named Eugene!), Gary Hart, Billy Bohica, and now of course that denizen of the Illinois political cesspool, Obama the Dems main mana.

"The real pilot"

Bush flew hundreds of hours in an actual F-102 'fighter jet' a hell of a lot more dangerous and difficult to handle than the one that landed on the Lincoln, which I believe is sufficient to qualify him as a "real pilot" in anyone's book.


I found that I was much more "centered" emotionally when I became an equal opportunity hater....politically speaking of course! If Tom is going to provide a softball opportunity in a blog post like Bush's "Mission Accomplished" photo-op, I'm going to take a swing!



Since big chunks of Bushes National Guard time are still in question I'll hold off giving him credit for all that "Stick Time"! You don't really think the Navy let him any where near the controls when any thing interesting was happening?

Hi there Mr. Fish. You speak truth to power I see, juss like yer ole, Uncle Danny here yoosed to back before them blogger fellers went fact checkin' my ass like some randy cowpoke just off a fortnight of drivin'.

Things sure been lonelier than a skunk in a perfume contest down here since I left New York City. Say....I've got me an idear....why don't you come on down to the ranch an we'll smoke us some cow and shoot the breeze like two incontinent mules that got into the nacho cheese sooply! Why, I bet that good ole boy Moyers would like to join in on that kind of party. Yes indeed I believe he would....




My Dad was an airforce pilot (F-4s) and he would assure you that, with the technology that existed at the time, merely taking off and landing the planes of the day was a far more -- ahem -- "interesting" experience than any you or I have likely ever had, or (at least in my case) would ever want to. And the F-102 was a harder and more dangerous plane to keep in the air than the F-4.


My intent wasn't to get into a flame war with you or anyone else who posts here, and I think that the tone of my first post conveys pretty well my lack of respect for this president. The interesting handling characteristics of the F-102 aside I don't think that putting around the skies of Texas qualifies Bush as a fighter pilot any more than me putting on a dress and fake tits qualifies me as a woman!

I'm not sure if I buy your analogy fish. I'd have to see you in the dress and fake tits before passing judgment. . . .

Jeez, did I just type that? I've definately been spending too much time in Bangkok.

I step away for a weekend and look what happens to you people.

Sorry Dad.......

Personal theory on W: he used to be smarter before the liquor addled his brain and the born-again zeal numbed any sense of intellectual curiosity he may have once had.

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