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I'm with you brother.

I heard that this morning and had the same reaction. Hope this bites them in the ass. Hard.

Let's call the 3,400 former Circuit City workers "Group A" and the 3,400 new Circuit City workers "Group B".

Explain to my why Circuit City shareholders should be subsidizing Group A's above market wages.

And, after you've done that, please explain why it is preferable that the 3,400 people in Group B be unemployed than the 3,400 folks in Group A.

Hmmm -- maybe because they've put in the time, worked, been loyal, helped make Circuit City successful thus far? let's say that you put in 5 years at a company. You expect a pay rise now and again (probably once a year). But then they realize that you're replaceable with an 18-year old gimp-brain (same class of worker) for 20% less than you're making. You and your family are now in the chow line at the soup kitchen, and the dunderhead is helping people buy underwater boomboxes at Circuit Shitty.

Not respecting the talent and people who made you successful is one of the key reasons that companies fail. I will also say, however, that keeping people who don't add to the bottom line SOMEHOW is also a key reason that companies fail. For many of the same reasons as above, the ability to fire people who don't help make the company succesful is vital to keeping the ones who do. Conrad would likely be a good candidate for the termination lot, given his attitude toward loyal employees.

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