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"...lest we be lured into gay sex even by something so innocent as a candy bar..."

Didn't your mother ever tell you not to take candy from strangers?

Eh, people are idiots. But somehow I am going to find a way to work "6 pound slab of penis" into a conversation at work. That is just too good to pass up.

My first big show in high school was Prince, the Time and Vanity 6; I again saw Prince in 2000 in Dallas and he rocked.

Yeah, he's a bit old for what he does but he carries it off a damn sight better than the Rolling Stones. Maybe Mick needs to upgrade from his 5-pounder :)

Long live the First Amendment; most of my entire professional life is dedicated to it, and my team and I have been chalking up some good wins and going after more in New Hampshire, the Live Free or Die State:



As old as Prince may be, it's worth remembering that Mick Jagger is way, way older. When Mick gyrates, it's beyond foolish. It's disturbing.

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