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I do not mean to disparage what the Tuskeegee Airmen accomplished. However, their accomplishments were modest, especially compared to what other fighter groups did.

The Tuskeegee Airmen (the 332nd fighter group) were credited with 109 aerial victories, with one pilot certified as an ace (five or more kills). In contrast, the 354th fighter group had 701 aerial victories and 45 aces; and the 56th fighter group had 677 aerial victories and 50 aces.

Now we're not exactly comparing apples and apples--the planes each group flew were different, and the 56th was in the air 13 months longer than the 332nd--but the Tuskeegee Airmen's record just isn't that impressive.

So--where are Congressional Gold Medals for the 354th and 56th fighter groups? Do their much-greater achievements not deserve the same award?

This is no more than pandering to blacks, and to the white liberals who want to feel good about themselves by lavishing praise on a designated minority--in this case, blacks--while ignoring and/or denigrating themselves.

Will history textbooks teach our children anything of what the (gasp!) white pilots did, or will it focus on the "noble" blacks?

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Squid, babe, two words: You're nuts.

First of all, what's the upside of making an argument that one group of heroic veterans isn't worthy of some medal or other?

Second, in measuring any accomplishment, it's necessary to measure not just what was accomplished, but against what odds. What's the big deal about climbing 29,000 foot Mt. Everest? I go over 29,000 feet up every time I fly in an airliner! Clearly, there's a difference.

What the Tuskegee Airmen accomplished was different from what any other airgroup accomplished in the war. They trained on borken-down, outmoded aircraft. They were harassed and segregated from the other pilots. They were given lousy missions and lousy aircraft and when they got good missions and good aircraft they performed brilliantly. Were they they best unit? Who cares? They were terrific and worthy of every medal they've been given.

The Tuskegee Airmen's accomplishment was not just military, however. It was also cultural. They had a profound and lasting positive impact on this country, making it impossible to deny that African AMericans -- given a chance -- could perform to the highest standards. That takes nothing away from the other fighter groups. It is simply fact, and fact that makes more admirable what the Tuskegee Airmen accomplished.

You seem to think every acknowledgement of accomplisment by anyone not white and Christian constitutes an afront. You're anxious to argue that white Christians are some kind of put-upon minority, downtrodden and disrespected and under threat.

You need theerapy,Squid. You're paranoid. I'm trying really hard not to call you a racist, Squid. I'm trying hard not because I think you're anyhting but -- you've made it clear that you're unashamed of your nightmarish bigotry, and that you find that bigotry entirely rational -- but because I'm trying to be a polite host. But Squid, why else would this matter to you even a little bit except that you're absolutely, bone-ass nuts?

Please, Tom, don't hold back--tell me how you really feel! ;-)

I'm glad that you don't yet feel the need to call me "racist," though I'm not sure that "bigot" is significantly lower on the list of liberals' labels for holders of ideas that do not fit with the "tolerance-n-diversity" crowd. Rather than labels, how about dealing with the ideas?

Whether or not the Tuskeegee Airmen deserve medals is not the issue. The issue is the reason--race--that one group of veterans was given medals that were not also awarded to other veterans whose performance was far superior to those of the first group. (As I pointed out above, while the 332nd fighter group performed well, they did not perform "brilliantly.")

Yes, they had to deal with segregation and even overt racism. Unfortunately, that's exactly why they're being honored today--not for their military service--and it's exactly the wrong reason to honor them.

Let's turn it around. I'm sure we'd agree that it would be unfair if a unit of white veterans were singled out for an honor that was not also awarded to a unit of minority veterans, especially if the minority unit outperformed whites (like the 442nd, the Japanese-American unit that was the most highly-decorated unit in US Army history). So why is it fair to reward a unit of minority veterans while passing over the white units, especially when the whites far outperformed the minorities?

Since you asked, this is why I care. The recognition of the Tuskeegee Airmen, not for their achievements, but for their race, is an attack on America. It says that a designated minority group is valued more highly than the majority people of this nation, for no other reason than their race. It implicitly smears WWII America for its "racism," and by extension, all pre-1960 Americans. It is another attempt by modern liberals to atone for the "sins" of the past.

And where does this unwarranted sense of sin come from? Ultimately, from the false belief that "everyone is the same." If "everyone is the same," then when one group, e.g., blacks, Mestizos (i.e., "Hispanics"), consistently underperforms the majority, then it can't be due to innate differences in ability, because "everyone is the same." So it must be some other "reason"--like racism! So we work to overcome racism--and yet somehow, more than four decades after the Civil Rights movement started, blacks and Mestizos still underperform whites academically and economically. They still commit more crimes per capita than whites. Why? It must be Whitey's fault! Racist Whitey must be holding minorities back, because, since "everyone is the same," there is no other reason for their continued poor performance.

Thought experiment time! What if--we're just pretending here--what if everyone isn't the same? What if all those kooks writing books like Race, IQ, and the Wealth of Nations; The Bell Curve; Race Differences in Intelligence; and Human Accomplishment are right? What if there are innate differences amongst races? Do the facts fit the hypothesis? Yes, they do--and they even account for the superior academic & economic performances of East Asians and Ashkenazi Jews, both of whom have higher average IQs than whites. However, according to the "Whitey is racist" view of the world, their superior-to-white performances cannot be explained, as both groups "should" be held down by Whitey's racism.

Even if these mountains of data are ignored, there is the matter of each groups' inherent right to propagate itself and its culture. It is a right we vigorously fight for--for other groups--around the world. We do it everywhere except home. We even extend this right to plants and animals, but will not stand up and assert it for ourselves. In our topsy-turvy bizzarro world, whites, and whites alone, are unworthy of preserving, sustaining, and passing on their own race and culture. Doubt it? Look at how Europe is killing itself. They are merely further down the path we're on.

It is this societal and cultural suicide, manifested here in the lauding of minority pilots whose achievements were far, far outdone by currently-unsung heroes from the majority, that has raised my hackles.

I thank you, Tom, my gracious host, for allowing me to use your site. As much as I dislike some of the views you promote here, I admire your willingness to engage me, despite our obvious differences. I just wish you would look beyond the "easy" "answers"--like my alleged mental unbalance--and instead try to approach issues on the plane of ideas, not ideology.

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