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Jesus Christ! That sounds like a bad joke.

Is there any reason in particular that you failed to mention his party afffiliation (Democratic)?

Because I felt the best way to advance the liberal cause was to mention McGreevy without mentioning that he's a Democrat. Rather than, say, not mentioning him at all.

Sometimes, Squid, you leave information out because it's a joke, and jokes need to go quickly, without distraction.

Also, there's the matter of hypocrisy. We liberal types are overwhelmingly in favor of homosexuality and putting our lovers (AC or DC) on the payroll. It's only bad when Republicans claim to be against those things but do them anyway.

And you failed to note that McGreevy's rent boy was a Jew, you Zionist bastard.

I love stirring up the hornet's nest!

Wally, I can't tell if your comment was serious or not.

Conrad, thanks, "rent boy" is the phrase I was looking for.
Squidley, I was only serious to the extent that Democrats can keep their mouths shut about people like Rep. Wm. "Cold Cash" Jefferson D-LA because kicking him out of Congress would weaken our ability to oppose the Administration and seek ethical solutions to some of the shit our country is in. (Iraq, oil dependence, etc)
Of course, we liberals see Newt's "first stone" act with Clinton as being in keeping with traditional conservative values (translation: hypocrisy).
I think you and I both hate when the party that comes closest to reflecting our world-view embarrasses us so completely.

I'm out of the loop here: is "rent boy" another term for "butt buddy"?

Wally, do you really think that someone with ethics like Willie "The Refrigerator" Jefferson is going to be able to take an ethical stand against anything--and have it mean something?

Yeah, there's hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle, but how is that Republicans leave office when their malfeasances are revealed (Nixon, Delay, Foley), but Democrats stay--and even get re-elected when their transgressions come to light (Clinton, Jefferson, Studds)?

I'm sure it pains you to have Queen Nancy declare hers to be "the most moral Congress ever," only to to turn around and give minimum wage breaks to some businesses in her district (i.e., the tuna packers who are based in SF but can in American Samoa). The speed with which she betrayed her high-sounding promise is stunning.

Having said all that, I agree that Iraq is a huge problem made worse by gross incompetence in the Bush administration. Foreign oil dependence is only exacerbated by bans on drilling in the ANWR, and by the NIMBYs and Democratic obstructionists who have kept us from building any new refineries in the past 30 years. What's really galling, though, is the ban on drilling off the coast of Florida, so that now, the Chinese, at the invitation of the Cubans, are drilling there--oilfields we should have exploited ages ago.

It's worth noting that the Florida offshore leases were voided by George W. Bush, who did so in support of his brother's re-election campaign. Floridians in general did not want oil wells off their beaches.

I know this is kind of jumping the tracks on this thread but...
Whenever the Bush administration talks about oil dependence it becomes a supply-side issue. More, more, more is the answer. One of poor Jimmy Carter's only successful initiatives was his less, less, less legislation on oil consumption. I think of America's oil reserves as something for a rainy day, not necessarily something that need to be exploited by those who stand to profit today (hmm. who would those guys be?)Let's talk about fuel efficiency first and then we can talk about the Arctic Wildlife Refuge when we can be more certain that the oil obtained by an environmental trade off is not squandered. This is both a supply side and demand side problem and though the Chinese are catching up, we are the biggest consumer and our friends in the Middle East are the biggest suppliers. If that isn't a recipe for disaster, given our current willingness to solve diplomatic isuues with shock and awe, then I better buy my souped up Hummer.

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