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Dried figs? Isn't that kind of middle eastern?

Watch how fast Sharpton fades back into the shadows now that this grenade has detonated. Other than the fact that the networks will point a camera at him when they need to go to the "designated negro" nobody really wants to hear from him!

Sharpton "fades back into the shadows"?

Not so long as one of the two major parties continues to act as his enabler.

Of course Sharpton will fade now that the networks and various second rate pols are done with him! I didn't say that they wouldn't take him back out of the box the next time he was needed for the next "black community" we're upset moment!

Among the current presidentail candidates to troop hat in hand to kowtow before Sharpton have been Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Barak Obama and Joe Biden. Whether these are "second rate pols" is in the eye of the beholder. . . .

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