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All security (not securities) analysts say, " to protect yourself from the bad guys, change your routine. " Is TSA run by security experts or Cheney cronies?

I found it interesting that they confiscated a dead lighter I'd forgotten was in my purse but let the two three inch nails go through. Seems to me one could do a lot more damage with nails than a dead lighter.

The TSA is indicative of why the government shouldn't run anything. I read of a case where a law enforcement officer was allowed to carry his sidearm onto the plane, but they made him discard his nail clippers.

It boggles the mind.

I get a little laugh everytime I fly. I keep some fishing line in my brief case just in case a couple of jihadis expect to repeat their last performance. Amazing how quickly that line and a couple of pens can be fashioned into a garrote! Bye bye, Haji.

Interesting points, Tom.

However, I personally believe the next planes attacked by terrorists are going to be hit by shoulder-fired missiles from the ground. In that event, nothing in the airport or on the plane could stop the attack.

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