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I have only two quibbles.

1. The assumption that what has been happening in Iraq is a war.

2. The assumption that there is anything we can do to convince Moslems to side with us and not their fellow Moslems (of whatever persuasion they prefer).

Other than that, I have to agree.

I'm also beginning to wonder if this blog is run by two people, specifically, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

But that's beside the point.

Excuse me, I misspoke (er, miswrote).

1. The assumption that what we have been doing in Iraq can be called a war.

Sqiudley's point is truly the crux of our engagement in Iraq. We are good at wars. If any government in the world attacked us (even Russia) we would have them in retreat within a year. We are miserable at military interventions with ambiguous goals.(see Vietnam and Somolia)The UN has had much better success in stabilizing areas than we have. Insurgents in Iraq who will fight US occupation to the last man may, (granted, that's a big "may") reach some compromise with an Iraqi government under a truce brokered by international peacekeepers.

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