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You and Johnny Drama dude

god hates me, too. (Squidley is nodding his head as he reads this) It won't hail on my house. I have scaffolding set up so it can be reroofed. My 30 year shingles failed after only 8 years and neither the manufacturer nor my insurance company will pony up. I've been hoping as each cloud goes cheerfully by that it will belch hail on my roof alone so I won't have to pay for this out of pocket. Let's just say I'm praying for an Act of Actuarial Improbability.

Quit being such a Caspar Milquetoast! Your new car can take a little hail.

And yes, Wally, God probably does hate you ;-)

I'm glad you have a sense of humor. Have you tried consulting a lawyer about your "30-year" shingles? He might get the manufacturer to do the right thing.

I really have nothing to contribute to this thread.

Tom, does your car resemble a Titleist or did you get by unscathed?

There is a class action suit that may offer some compensation but I'm Tom's age, so by then I'll be senile and won't care.

By the way, Wally, it seems that you haven't noticed that by convention, the word God is always capitalized. So are Jesus, Christ, Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost, if you prefer), and pronouns when referring to any member of the Trinity.

If, as an atheist (or whatever), you choose not to worship or believe, that is your God-given right. However, it is highly disrespectful to your fellow-citizens (as well as your host), the majority of whom are religious, not to show them this minimal courtesy.

Finally, you might consider how you have benefited from Christianity and its enormous influence on our culture. You might consider how Christian morality forms the basis of American public morality and public good. You might consider the impossibility of a culture being moral without a religion to guide it there.

Once again, I suggest you read this excellent essay:

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