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Damn Republicans again, huh?

Hmm. Where in the article does it mention the party affiliation of the coulcil member who proposed this insipid bill?

Let's play Don Surber's "Name That Party" game!


It's simple: read an article about a politician, and see how many paragraphs it takes the reporter to mention party affiliation.

OK, I'll follow the link to the original article... Hmm. That's odd--her party affiliation is unmentioned! I wonder why? I had to Google her to find out she has a D after her name.

Don Surber has uncovered an astounding fact. In general, Republicans get identified in the first three paragraphs, while Democrats don't get identified until close to the end--if at all. Is this surprising to anyone?

What's more, Republicans sponsor "pork," while Democrats sponsor "pet projects." Futhermore, illegal aliens are either misleadingly labeled as "undocumented workers," or as having "entered the country from Mexico illegally." Of course, this info, too, is waaay down towards the end of the article.

And people say that the press is biased. Perish the thought!

Stupid bitches.

Oh shit, call my lawyer.

Thanks for the valuable public service Squid! See, I was just trained to blame Republicans first, because Lord knows, the Democrats never do anything wrong.

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