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Recently started reading your stuff. Really great, all of it. However, I think I missed the point on this one. Do the big towns not have seedy liquor stores? Or do they lack people who steal from them? Or people who get angry when stolen from? Or disinterested husbands? I guess I'm just missing what specifically about the heartland is appalling your here that wouldn't also appall you in the city, except that you have to see all this going on out there and don't have to see it in the big town.

First of all, thanks for reading.

As for having a point, I think this posting is more like a little slice of life. I get a kick out of moments when I find myself, as they say in Hollywood, a fish out of water. My own sometimes massive discomfort with the world is entertaining to me. Sometimes its really funny. Re-reading this one a few hours after the fact...well, sometimes it's not all that funny.

For a funnier moment, try this. Or this.

Haha, found plenty of funny moments in your sex day columns already. I tend to see things as arguments or positions, so sometimes I'm a little oblivious about slice of life pieces. The noisy warrior in my head.

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Terrific post, just great.

Terrific post, just great.

Terrific post, just great.

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