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So, what you're saying is that when purveyors of opinion are honest about what they are up to -- as are newspaper columnists and talk-radio hosts -- people choose conservatives, forcing liberals to surreptitiously foist their unwanted opinions on the public under the guise of objective journalism.

Okay, I buy that.

You guys try so hard to deny the obvious! That Editor and Publisher....now there is a conservative website!

Of course, what passes for "conservative" these days would have gotten the spouter of such nonsense laughed out of the room 50 years ago.

What I'm saying, Conrad, is that the media aren't liberal.

And Squid, I personally don't want to go back to the highly moral times of 50 years ago, when Jim Crow reigned, women were relegated to the home whether they wanted it or not, government was the closed domain of white males and censorship boards controlled what we could see at movie theaters.

It seems like a lot of progress to sacrifice for the sake of avoiding a nipple now and then.

And life is a glorious cycle of song,
A medley of extemporanea;
And love is a thing that can never go wrong;
And I am Marie of Rumania.

This is the most flawed study I have read in a while, and I understand how to read social science studies.

I have provided for you the most thorough analysis on the Internet of Media Matters' study. You can read it below.

Media Matters Spouts its Own Flawed Study as Fact: How They Did It, In Great Detail

Devil's Advocate links to his "analysis," which is really just a disagreement with Media Matters' definition of liberal and conservative. DA is typical or many conservatives, seeing conservatism not so much as a philosophical range as an orthodoxy from which no one is allowed to depart and remain a part of the tribe. Columnists that are conservative by any rational measure are dismissed as liberals for favoring the President's immigration policies, for example.

DA calls it analysis; I'd call it screed. Read it yourself and see.


To summerize, the study in question: (i) completely omits the majority of editorial columnists (the locals); (2) omits the leanings of editorial boards (and their unbylined columns) themselves; (3) gets to employ its own subjective undisclosed criteria in deciding who's Left and who's Right; and finally; (4) ignores plausible alternative explanations of its findings and (5) is produced by a group whose political leanings favor the conclusions the study happens to reach.

There are various terms one can apply to such an undertaking ranging from "deeply flawed" to "complete horseshit".

But the bigger problem with your post is that you are comparing apples and oranges. Let's concede for the sake of argument that the study is completely sound and shows what it claims to show. So what? The complaint isn't that newspaper op-ed pages are biased. Of course they are. They are expected to be, thus the "op" in "op-ed". The complaint is that the objective reporting of hard news is corrupted by the left-of-center biases of reporters and news editors.

The difference is that the first is open, obvious and expected. While the latter is surreptitious, hidden and insidious.

What possible relevance is the fact that my local paper runs George Will or Paul Krugman twice a week on the editorial page, if its factual reporting is regularly distorted by the undeclared agendas of its journalists?


I'm disappointed in you--again. Your screed against pre-Cultural Revolution America is the typical liberal/leftist hyperbole aimed at delegitimizing everything about America until We The Superior, The More Moral-Than-Thou, The Liberals, came along and "fixed" what was "wrong" with our evil, evil land.

Some of what passes for PG now would have been R 30 years ago, and PG-13 is no more than R-lite. (Besides, what's scarier: Hitchcock or a modern "horror" movie bloodbath?) I really would prefer a culture where I would be safe from Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunctions," even if it meant I couldn't enjoy Jessica Alba's self-exposure.

Sure, there was Jim Crow--in the South. The problem with the Civil Rights movement is that it didn't stop at undoing the injustices it was meant to correct: differential treatment by the government. No, it had to stick its nose into the First Amendment right of Freedom of Association. If a business wants to discriminate against--or in favor--of blacks, women, Jews, blondes, people with piercings, Norwegian bachelor farmers, or anyone else--let it! That's its First Amendment right. We The People are free to patronize the business, or not, as we see fit. Businesses ignore public sentiment at their peril.

(Incidentally, given blacks high rate of crime--8 times more likely to murder, 16 times more likely to commit drug crimes, 200 times more likely to commit inter-racial rape (DoJ figures))--I wonder if Jim Crow laws weren't enacted to protect society at large from black criminality.)

And as for your claim that America was a misogynistic hell-hole, consider that in the 1830s, de Tocqueville wrote:

I have spoken of so many important things done by the Americans, to what the singular prosperity and growing strength of that people ought mainly to be attributed, I should reply: to the superiority of their women.

He also observed that marriages were strong; women attended political meetings; women protected morals; women were freer in Protestant America than Catholic France; women were esteemed, honored, and protected; women were safe traveling alone. Are women better off now, just because they have the vote, must work outside the home to make ends meet, and must entrust the raising of their children to strangers?

We could do with more Ozzie and Harriet Nelson and less Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne.

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