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No, he doesn't say Bush is Lincoln, or that Bush is like Lincoln or or that Bush is Lincolnesque. Indeed, he doesn't even mention the former President anywhere in the article. No "Lincoln", no "Honest Abe", no "Illinois Rail-Splitter", not even so much as a passing refernce to "the 16th President" or "Mary Todd's husband".

So what you're saying Conrad if I may paraphrase is, "Right post title Tom, wrong reason".

I'd agree. Tom's Sullivanist side is showing today.

By the way Tom, Sully's post today begins to set the table for another wild swing if the war continues to improve. Something about the discussions of the last 6 months may not apply during the next six months, because you know, war is kind of confusing and all.

I don't know about the Gettysburg analogy, but Lincoln works. "We're gonna ram freedom down some throats... and if that doesn't fit in with the Constitution, so be it!"

Wow, Adam weighs in and I must once again congratulate Tom on a well titled post.

Thanks Adam!


According to W and his twin brain Condi, everybody yearns for freedom and all we're doing is giving them the opportunity. Funny how Moslems, when presented with the option, seem always to choose Islamic fundamentalism and sharia. Somehow this is always a surprise to the "everybody wants Western democracy and Western values" set, who are so parochial and chauvanistic that they can't see the huge differences between ourselves and other cultures.

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