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Charles Manson isn't being invited to speak at Columbia, which I think is outrageous. He's responsible for far fewer American deaths then Ahmanutjob, and the difference increases exponentially when you count all the Iranians that have been killed at the whim of their leader.

Think of all that we could learn from him. I mean, obviously the freedom to hear out someone like Manson would only enrich our culture, and help those students to understand the kind of people they may come in contact with upon leaving school. And providing him with a public forum in which to air his views will only serve to alienate him further, as the world will have the opportunity to further hear his rambling, incoherent ideas on how life should be lived.

Apparently you've never been in Los Angeles during television sweeps week. When ratings are what's important, Manson shows up in interviews on station after station.

It would be nice to believe that Columbia University holds itself to a higher standard than a local TV "if it bleeds it leads" news outfit.

Foolish, but nice. . . .

Regardless of the, uh, questionable wisdom of Columbia issuing the invite in the first place, at least the president of the university called Aramalamadingdong a petty and cruel tyrant. I was shocked--was this really an American university president, criticizing an anti-American icon?

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