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This is a friendly reminder that your Beloved Party runs the Senate, and can force the much-threatened Republican filibuster to happen anytime they want to.

That is their ineptitude -- they don't believe in their legislation enough to bring out the cots and the pisspots and get it on.

I don't know or care if the Republicans would follow through on their threats, but issue #1 would seem to be forcing the issue. I predict they won't because they don't actually believe very strongly, if at all, in what they're proposing.

Scott, allow me to indulge in the rare opportunity to agree with you 100%. When people look at Congress's 19% approval rating (or whatever it is today), what they're seeing is not just a reflection of the more-or-less 100% Republican disapproval, but also a disapproval by 75% of Democrats who don't understand why Reid and Pelosi don't make a fight of it. If the leadership believes what it says, it needs to stand up and make the other side stand up as well. Otherwise, STFU.

Many fine points, as usual.

Please remember that most of those people in the news media are not only liberal, but also lazy and ignorant. They don't understand the difference between cloture and voting on a bill, and are disinclined to find out.

More importantly, is it a good or bad thing that Congress is passing fewer bills? I'd say it's a good thing. The less they "accomplish," the less harm they do. Lest you think I'm being partisan, I wish fewer of the awful bills the Republicans passed when they were in control got through (though some of them, like tax cuts, were OK).

"Please remember that most of those people in the news media are not only liberal, but also lazy and ignorant"


It's a minor quibble, but you've put effect before cause. In the future, I think it would be more readable to organize your statements in sequence.



I only wish that were true, Pursuit. The sad fact of the matter is that most "conservatives" are liberal, too. Liberalism is the reigning ideology of the day, and even supposed "conservatives" like W, Rush, and Rudy are as liberal as the day is long.

Squid, you're deeply confused. The fact that someone isn't a conservative doesn't make them a liberal. The world is not a simple continuum from conservative to liberal, and liberalism is more than a lack of conservatism.

No , Tom, I'm not deeply confused. I have a different set of definitions than you.

Liberalism is the dominant ideology--so much so that even most "conservatives" are, in fact, liberals. Liberalism has become the only acceptable grounds for public discussion, and anyone espousing a non-liberal idea is met with either incomprehension or rejection.

Here's how I see it (courtesy of Lawrence Auster at View From the Right, www.amnation.com/vfr/archives/007621.html):

"Right-liberalism is the belief in a single universal truth, the truth that all men have equal rights, and in America as the providential embodiment of this truth. While there are different cultures, all cultures are conformable with the single universal truth, even Islam, and thus all people, including Muslims, can be assimilated into America. For right-liberals, the supreme sin is to deny the single universal truth and its corollary that all men are capable of following that truth.

"Left-liberalism is the belief in the substantive and moral equality of the human race. It rejects the notion of a single universal truth, because such a truth would be superior to other truths, and because the men who believed in that ostensibly universal truth would feel superior to and would attempt to dominate other men. All truths, all men, all cultures, must be treated equally, just as they are. For left-liberals, the worst sin is to imagine that you are in possession of the truth and that you have the right to expect other people to conform to it.

"Thus right-liberals think that left-liberals are committing the worst sin, and left-liberals think that right-liberals are committing the worst sin. Divided by such hatreds, the two respective sides cannot conceive that both sides are in fact liberal. What makes them liberal? The belief in equality (however defined) as the ruling principle."

By this definition, Bush et al. are right-liberals--but liberals nonetheless. Bush is further to the right than Rudy, who is an even bigger RINO than McCain.

BTW, while I believe in equal treatment--in most cases--in the eyes of the law, I don't believe in substansive equality, or equality of results. I also believe in discrimination (by which I mean discriminating in favor of that which is good or beneficial and against that which is not). This means that there are limits even in legal equality. These beliefs put me outside the pale of "decent" society (which I why I troll your blog ;-)

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