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Your example is funny, but, um, how many teenagers, real or fictitious, are more interested in substance than sex?

Perhaps people paid more lip service to substance in the past, giving the illusion that they were more interested in it than they are now. Perhaps the 50s was the last time intellectuals were held in esteem by popular culture. Nah, I'm just spouting more anti-illegal alien, anti-Moslem nonsense.

Yeah, we sure are better off now, with Madonna frenching Britney and Jessica Alba appearing in see-thru dresses than we were back then--all "repressed" (responsible?) and "uptight" (decent?) and "puritanical" (moral?).

Richie and Potsie are fictional teenagers. An apt example of how the world works for our interlocutor, if you ask me.

Never let it be said, though, that it's not a funny mental picture. You could do it all day long. Here's mine -- Thomas Alva Edison and his 'electricity' vs. titties in candlelight. See?


"are we better off now, with . . . Jessica Alba appearing in see-thru dresses than we were back then?

That's a rhetorical question, right?

As much as I might enjoy looking at Jessica Alba nekkid, that's not the point. The wearing of such a dress is indecent. It is sadly indicative of the low standards of public morals.

When women in the public eye behave in a way that prostitutes find undignified and vulgar, your society is swirling.

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