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Or maybe her traditional views are sincere.

They may well be sincere. But traditional? Traditional is modesty, not disgust. Modesty is fine. Disgust is neurotic.

I don't see her "disgust" in the linked article, but I'll play along anyway.

I think disgust can be traditional, depending on the context. For example, I was disgusted by Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction"; I think that back in the day, proper society may have had a similar response.

Traditionalists are disgusted by grossly inappropriate behavior. I'd be disgusted if I saw people having sex in public--wouldn't you?

It would depend on who the people were and how much I'd had to drink. I have, as it happens, witnessed a couple of sexual acts. The interesting thing -- to me, anyway -- is that to a disinterested observer, sex looks uncomfortable more than anything.

"Disinterested observer"? Musta been quite some couple. Did you fall asleep while they were copulating?

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